Hexus Injection Optical LED Modules

This product line of Zenit LED can be used in singboxes and illuminated channel letters applications with different optional parameters. Hexus injection case and optical lens module leds with high efficiency aims to help you reduce your costs.

100315 160 12V 1,5W 120 10.000K
100317 160 12V 1,5W 120 3.000K
100320 160 12V 1,5W Red
100318 160 12V 1,5W Blue
100592 160 12V 1,5W Yellow
100319 160 12V 1,5W Green

Current protection

Made in Turkey

3 years warranty
Zenit LED Hexus LED Modules offer a high quality and efficient backlit solutions for lightboxes and illuminated channel letters between 60mm and 180mm depth. Using to latest top tier LED technology and high quality optics Zenit LED brings you industry leading efficacy and covarage. This is not only reduces the amount of modules needed for an applicaiton, but also the overall power consumption. Hexus series offer a value proposition for everyday projects with a price performance. Various color temperatures with high end optics technologies
100315283531,512120160IP6518x85White10.000K3 YEARS1500pcs
100317283531,512120160IP6518x85White3.000K3 YEARS1500pcs
100320283531,512160IP6518x85Red3 YEARS1500pcs
100318283531,512160IP6518x85Blue3 YEARS1500pcs
100592283531,512160IP6518x85Yellow3 YEARS1500pcs
100319283531,512160IP6518x85Green3 YEARS1500pcs

Clean and Frosted Optical Lens Technology
Custom Cable Lenght According to your Projects
Efficient Circuit Design
Clean White Technology
Constant Current
Orofol adhesive Tape
3 Steps to Mac Adam Ellipse
Best for Illuminated Channel Letters and Sign Boxes

Operation Temperature 30°C ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature
Body Material ABS
Optics PC
Wire TIN Coated
Finishing Ultrasonic Welding
Adhesive Tape Orofoll
LifeTime >50.000 hours
Strip Size
Box Dimension 50x40x30cm
Box Weight 15,5KG
Pcs in Box 1500pcs


Depth X mm Space Between Modules Density pcs/m² Surface illumination range Cd/m²
80 a=100,b=95 90 950-1000
120 a=170,b=110 54 500-600
150 a=250,b=120 32 300-350

The main line cable diameter must be choose by maximum current of Power Supply and the distance of Power Supply and LEDs. The Power Supply should connect center of system. Main line cable diameter must be choose by maximum current of Power Supply and the distance of Power Supply and LEDs.